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Brian B. Denver, CO

Who uses Kizbin?
Anyone with products to sell, a portfolio to show, or menu to share.

Why use Kizbin?
Because it boosts sales, saves time, and makes your job easier.

Is Kizbin complicated?
No. Create or upload a simple list to create an online catalog. Use it for promotion, inventory management, invoicing, order processing and more.

Kizbin inventory tracking system

Create a list in seconds per item

The easiest and fastest way to create a list of any product, portfolio or menu.

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Kizbin stock and inventory management system

Promote 100% of what you sell

without extra time or effort to 1000’s of customers wherever they find you.

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Kizbin stock and inventory system

Sell to customers 24/7

without calls, messages, errors or comissions. Manage orders with the program too.

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Kizbin stock inventory control

Manage your list from anywhere

Use the app or computer to make changes to your list in seconds.

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Kizbin inventory control

Share product information easily

with WhatsApp and at least 5 other ways in seconds

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Kizbin inventory control system

A Risk-Free Experience

Get started without cost. Use the program for free to experience the value the program can bring to your business.

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Who uses Kizbin?

Anyone that has an inventory or portfolio. Kizbin is the simplest way to let everyone you work with access inventory information. Customers easily view what you sell and place orders anytime without a phone call or message. Manage those orders faster and more efficiently than ever before with the Kizbin program. Designed to be quick and easy, anyone can manage their list and orders using any computer or mobile device. Check out who’s using Kizbin here.

"There’s nothing more powerful than putting things for sale in front of a customer looking to buy" – Unknown

A better way to promote and manage any inventory, portfolio or menu

It's a simple fact.... The more products people see the more they buy. That’s why big businesses show most of their products online for customers to see and buy. Kizbin is a quick and easy way to display an unlimited number of your products on your website, social media accounts and anywhere else customers connect with you. With Kizbin, customers can place orders directly from your website, social media pages and more. You manage the orders with the Kizbin program. It's all done by creating and managing a simple list of your products with an easy-to-use mobile app or computer in less than 60 seconds per item. This new list can also be used for inventory management so if you're still using handwritten lists or excel spreadsheets to manage inventory, use the same Kizbin list to manage your inventory to save even more time.
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