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Who uses Tire Shop Wizard?
Whether it's for wholesale or retail, new or used tire sales, tire and wheel storage, or fleet tire tracking, our versatile solution is trusted by a range of businesses, including new and used tire shops, car dealerships and trucking companies. This user-friendly program will work for your shop as well!

Why use Tire Shop Wizard?
Because it makes it easier for customers to buy from you. That increases your sales. Improves customer service and saves time for you, your staff and your customers. With the Tire Shop Wizard everyone will work smarter and not harder, making the job easier for everyone involved.

Is Tire Shop Wizard complicated?
No. Create or upload a simple list to create an online catalog. It’s as easy as filling in the blanks on your computer or mobile device. Once complete, access information in seconds including the location of every item in your shop.


There is nothing easier...
You want your shop to run more efficiently but have no time or patience to learn a complicated tire inventory management program. Tire Shop Wizard is the ideal solution. Upload your existing inventory list or create a new one quickly, managing it effortlessly on any PC or smartphone. Locate your new and used tires, wheels, and parts swiftly using barcodes or stock numbers. We're confident that Tire Shop Wizard offers the simplest tire management software, making tasks easier for you and your staff.

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What else does it do?
Tire Shop Wizard is the simplest way to save time, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction in any tire shop. With its numerous benefits, you'll be astonished at how much easier your job becomes when you bid farewell to spreadsheets and paper lists. Answer inquiries in seconds, minimize inventory losses, and effortlessly manage inventory, invoices, and more all within one straightforward program. Boost sales by accepting online orders directly from the included product catalog showcasing everything on your list. We’re confident that you won't find a better, quicker, and easier solution than Tire Shop Wizard to improve your business.

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